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Light Libraries

Light Libraries

90 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa attend schools without electricity. 


Elephant Energy distributes safe, solar lights to schools throughout rural northern Namibia through the Light Library program.  These lights provide learners with the light they need to perform their studies while sensitizing learners and their families to the benefits of alternative energy.  In addition to the lights each school is provided lessons as part of an optional curriculum on energy, focused in particular on renewable energy.  Elephant Energy has worked with partners including the Peace Corps and World Teach to identify schools in the north eastern and central regions of Namibia that are in need of lighting resources and can act as reliable stewards of the libraries for years to come.  Thus far, EE has distributed more than 800 lights allowing 6,500 learners access to light.

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I just started school this year because it became free. I was studying using only candlelight, but it was not bright so I did not study much after dark. Then my mother bought me a solar light from Elephant Energy. My grades have improved a lot and she is very proud of me, I can tell.


The Kapombo Primary School is just one of nearly 50 schools that have received lights through Elephant Energy’s Light Library program. You can provide your own light library for $500, or add a light to an existing library for just $20.

More than 800 lights have been distributed through Light Libraries
You have helped give light to more than 6,500 students