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The Problem

Imagine a day that ends when the sun goes down. There is no light to switch on, no outlet with which to charge your phone, no TV to distract you, no refrigerator to preserve your food. This is the reality for more than 1 million people living in energy poverty in rural Namibia. This reality is made even more challenging simply due to the nature of Namibia. It is the second most sparsely populated country in the world. Neighbors often live miles from one another, far from paved roads and modern services. The traditional electrical grid is not a viable option for rural Namibia. Yet solar energy, in a country that is largely desert, is a viable solution to getting people out of energy poverty.

Our Solution

Elephant Energy focuses on local solutions to the global issue of energy poverty. By establishing a distribution and sales network for household solar light and charging devices, Elephant Energy enables households without grid electricity to access clean, sustainable energy on their own terms putting them in control of their own steps along the energy ladder. Elephant Energy began with a light. We have since expanded to include paygo products, cell phone charging, and radio. In 2017, we expanded our product line to include home systems, allowing a lighting solution for a whole home, rather than for just an individual room. We are now using mobile money, saving our entrepreneurs and our customers valuable time and money due to a decreased need for transportation.

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